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Ресторант Манастирска Магерница

Manastirska Magernitsa, in strict compliance with all sanitary and hygiene requirements, will be doing home deliveries in partnership with TAKEAWAY.COM - 0700 10 400 and by receiving orders on direct lines 0899940831 and 0899949400.

We will update the MAIN menu with affordable prices for all users. You can see the menu on the restaurant's website, our facebook page, the

TAKEAWAY.COM site and all information platforms.



Banitsa - this is one of the most popular meals in Bulgarian culinary. On every holiday at Bulgarian home, the Banitsa was "The Queen" on the table for centuries. In different parts of the country it is prepared differently, but its message is always one - culinary splendor and exquisite taste.

Доставка на храна
Nice bread is the most satisfactory food. Nice bread and butter is the greatest feast!"

folk wisdom
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