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Ресторант Манастирска Магерница


Veselka Stambolieva is a Bulgarian singer. She was born on April 1, 1980 in the town of Kurdzhali. Since childhood she dedicated her life to her musical development. When she was six year old, she started accordion and solfeggio classes, and a year later – folklore singing and piano.

She graduated the Secondary school of Music “Dobrin Petkov” in the city of Plovdiv with a special subject: accordion. She continued her education at the Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts in Plovdiv with two majors: “Conducting of folklore assembles” (master degree) and “Pedagogics of teaching music”.

In 1996 Veselka created her first author song, dedicated to the Bulgarian Football Team: “Good luck, footballers”. Two years later she recorded her song with the “Levski” Pofessional Football Team of Sofia.

The performer’s activities of Veselka Stambolieva started with her participation as a soloist at the Folklore formation “Filipopoli” conducted by Prof. Dilyana Stanilova, while she was studying at the Academy of Misuc, Dance and Fine Arts. She continued in the formation “Aqua-Delya” conducted by Prof. Dilyana Micheva, the formation “Dragostinfolk” conducted by Prof. Stefan Dragostinov and the choir “The Big Bulgarian voices” conducted by Iliya Mihaylov. Along with this, Veselka works in mutual projects with the folklore singer Iliya Lukov, she takes part as vocal in the album of Nikolay Slaveev “Bilyana platno beleshe”. In 2007 she is a part of Lili Ignatova’s performance “The Legend”.

In 2014 Veselka Stambolieva graduated and protected her thesis “Specifics of the Bulgarian folklore song in the vocal education of the actor” and she was recognized with the degree of Doctor of theatre knowledge and theater art.

Veselka Stambolieva has numerous participations in concerts, TV and radio performances in Bulgaria, almost all of Europe, Japan, Canada, India.